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The company supports the development of Romanian agriculture, providing a complex program of agricultural trailers.
The REPO – AGRI trailers, manufactured by S.C. POP INDUSTRY S.R.L., have a solid construction, characteristic of the use in conditions of unscheduled roads, specific to the agricultural field.

The structure is rigid, torsional, reinforced, with longitudinal and transverse profiles. The entire structure has a high-quality anti-corrosion protection, which allows for long-lasting use.

Construction and technical characteristics:

    • The shutters are profiled, with high durability, thus guaranteeing the long-term use of the trailer
    • Rigid structure, torsion resistance, reinforced, with longitudinal and transverse profiles
    • Anticorrosive protected structure, which allows for long-term use
    • Hydraulic – trilateral tipping system
    • Hydraulic or pneumatic braking system
    • Approved for traffic on public roads
    • Useful length between 3000 – 5000 mm
    • Width between 1900 and 2200 mm
    • Overhanging shutters (made of sheet metal or mesh) up to 800 mm
  • Load from 3 tons to 14 tons.

Trailers are approved for public road traffic. It is delivered with Vehicle Identity Card.